2022 Rules Update Draft

I’ve rolled in the changes from the 2022 summit into this rule set. I also moved a few things around to make some sections clearer from the 2019 ruleset. The document is set so anyone can comment, and I encourage you to do so. Final formatting and page breaks will be corrected once all the changes are in and complete.

You’ll notice in the document a poor-man’s change tracking system, so that it works with google docs.

  • Red Highlights - Will be deleted
  • Green Highlights - new or moved content
  • Yellow Highlights - Author notes (will be deleted when all changes rolled in)

Once all changes and edits are in, I’ll put any final touches and changes back into the original word DOCX and publish a full PDF.

Some things I’m still working on:
Tech-Inspection checklist in a friendly format(may be digital)
Track marshal guide

Things I’m waiting on the NPO for wording on
Membership/Pricing Structure/wording
Race Pricing/Structure/wording

Please feel free to leave any questions/comments here or on the document itself.

any update in finalizing these yet?

Sorry, this isn’t really relevant to answering that question.
The only issue I see in the proposed rules is the line that bans contactors for battery disconnects which wasn’t discussed prior to the summit. It looks like there are two schools of thinking on this one:

Allow (normally-open) contactors for battery disconnect:

  • makes it easier/safer to locate e-stop button in visible/accesible place
  • permits easy instalation of multiple e-stop buttons
  • minimizes amount of high-power wiring in vehicle
  • allows addition of other safety devices that can automatically disconnect battery
  • already in use in several cars to-date (do we grandfather in if banned?)

Ban contactors and require direct-wired switch for battery disconnect:

  • requires something simple that is hard to mess up by teams with limited electrical knowledge
  • easy to visually police by tech inspectors

Multiple cases had been made for standardization of disconnect switches for ease of operation by track marshalls and bystanders. If that is seriously a concern, I would suggest banning twist switches and requiring a red button and specifing minimum size.

I vote allow contactors.

Are the rules all wrapped up for 2022 ?

Bump. Any update on polished rules for 2022. We have some new builds starting at RIT (did someone say another shopping cart!) and new rules like the BOM increase/cheapskate bonus will likely have a pretty large effect on the direction of the builds.

I’m waiting on the sections that need to be written by the board members, and then I’ll be finalizing the ruleset. I don’t anticipate any major changes from the online working doc at this point, just mostly formatting polish.

can we please finish the rules

Hey all! Rules are posted on the website here

Please help spread them around if you see people asking.