2022 Technical Rule Interpretation Questions

Multiple technical questions here in advance of the October New Jersey event and was asked to post on forums instead of the website “info” email address. Thank you in advance:

  1. Sec. 1.8 Just confirming, do my li-ion batteries really require a METAL enclosure? They are two battery packs made up of SPIM08HP cells with cell holders. With some Lexan on the ends (the only parts not rigidly protected), they’re very puncture-resistant. I can provide photos. Open to any suggestions for fabrication if required.

  2. Sec. 1.13.3 “Brakes…” My kart currently does NOT have a dedicated brake pedal. I set up my motor controller to short the motor terminals on release of accelerator, which acts as a functional brake. In addition, I have a 24V electromagnet parking brake on one side that automatically engages 5 seconds after release of pedal (normally ON, +24V to disengage). Is this in the spirit of the rules or do I need to fit physical brake(s)? I would have no problem complying with the Brake Test per but it’s not a proper mechanical brake per 1.13.3.

  3. Sec. 1.13.4 “Low Voltage Alarm…” I have an overall voltage meter on the dash, and I have a BMS on each battery with user-selectable (via Bluetooth) protection parameters for low voltage on a per-cell basis which would disable battery discharge. However, there isn’t a visible or audible alarm for individual cell low voltage threshold (perhaps an LED on the BMS board but that would not be visible to the driver), despite the necessary protections still being in place. Is a visible/audible alarm really required for individual cell low voltage state or does the digital voltage meter and built-in protections meet the intent of this section?

  4. Sec. 1.16 “Kart Decorations…” Has anyone ever attempted to make the carpeted dog van from Dumb & Dumber? (dibs if not!)

  5. Sec. 1.16 “Kart Decorations…” Has anyone ever attempted to make the Bluesmobile? (dibs if not!)

  6. Sec 3.1.1 “Team Structure…” I just built this for my kids (originally), and don’t have a team proper. Could my two girls (age 4 and 6) be my team despite them not being eligible drivers per Sec. 2.1?

  7. Sec. F Inspection Checklist-- “Proper method of extinguishing of battery fire is available”–do I need a fire extinguisher on board the kart for my li-ion battery packs?

Hi! I just replied to your Facebook message but I’ll post here as well so all can see.

  1. Yes

  2. You must have brakes according to the rules (i.e. a brake lever/pedal

  3. Audible alarms are required for safety

  4. Not that I know of, go for it

  5. A few years ago yes, but again go for it

  6. Nope, they’re too young to be allowed in the pits. Not our call, the insurance won’t allow it

  7. I don’t believe the rules require it on board, but you need to bring an adequate fire extinguisher for your battery chemistry (a bucket of sand works) to keep in the pits.

Good luck, see you soon!