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How do I get started? Is there a “total noobs” guide to building a combat robot?

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We do not yet have a total noobs guide for building a combat robot, great idea though! We put one together for building a kart relatively quickly, let me see if I can bug the Robot Riot guy for some assistance there.

This youtube channel has some build ideas and previous competitions to check out to start!

I’d consider bringing back Pizza Bagel Bot if it’s appropriate…

Looks legit to me! Today is the last day to register for Chicago, otherwise you could fight it in Louisville or Akron! Registration is at the bottom of the page!

Bah! I am out of the country for Chicago’s event… and I don’t know about Louisville, it’s a bit of a haul. :frowning:

Where will I be able to see pictures and videos from the event?
I can’t make it to this event but will definitely be entering a robot for Akron and Louisville! So excited about the addition of combat robots!!! I think my Roomba has some pent-up anger to let out in the arena!

Hi! First, get in the Discord here: The Official Power Racing Series
We will post some pictures and videos from Chicago over time, but if you want something in particular you can DM us on any social media platform.