Boma 48v brushless help

Brand new boma 48v brushless with speed controller

Motor spins smoothly without hall’s plugged in but very rough when halls are plugged in…

Any help appreciated…

Not sure how to post a video.

Perhaps your motor phases are out of order. When you say very rough, does the motor not rotate at all and just jitters or does it still turn? Try swapping around motor phases

It’s does rotate but has no rpm range

With the hall sensors unplugged it’s smooth and has full rpm range with no hesitations.

Still not sure what you mean by no RPM range, any chance you could upload a video?
If it works without sensors just fine, maybe you could run it in your kart like that? You’ll lose smoothness at really low speeds but shouldn’t be noticeable under normal driving

When the halls are not plugged in I have a rpm range from 0-5000rpm depending on where the thumb throttle is positioned…

When the halls are plugged in full throttle will rotate the motor at 2-300rpms

I’m afraid if it losing torque without halls. Chasing a problem with the old motor / controller. This new one is different than I’m used to.

it’s possible one of the hall effect sensors is dead. i would test to make sure all the hall sensors are working properly. There are a couple videos online about how to do this.

otherwise you may need to train your controller. usually using the white wire.