Louisville, KY September 10

Single day race at Louisville Maker Faire, September 10

Location: Garage Pig Print Works, Louisville KY
Race Schedule:
1:00PM Qualifying
3:00PM Sprint Race 1
5:00PM Sprint Race 2
8:30PM Night Race

Points will be prorated for a 1-day event (i.e. 300points per race, plus 300 moxie split the normal way)
Register here
Facebook event here

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i would so do this race!!!

I’m in. Can hopefully get the axle straightened out in Per Art by then.

Hey all, Nedra here from Louisville. If we get a race together in town this year it definitely will not be in the spring.

Sorry to get everyone’s hopes up :revolving_hearts::revolving_hearts::revolving_hearts:

Sorry to hear. Thanks for the effort though!
You made better progress than I did for a race down here this year.

Thanks Nedra for getting this race pinned down for the 10! Looking forward to seeing all of y’all racing this year :slight_smile:

How do we go about getting an online racer sign-up form put together? (I don’t think I’m trying to trust the MF Lou folks to get me racer info in a timely fashion for that to be the only racer sign up)

good news everyone, the FB event for this race is officially Live. Redirecting...

Beep! Main post has been updated with more details, registration link, and schedule!