Moxie Challenge Suggestions for 2022 Season!

Post your suggestions for moxie challenges here. If you give us some great suggestions and we use 'em, there will be some points involved. We will give you the amount of points we decide the challenge is worth, and you will also still be able to get points for doing the challenge.

Vehicle Hit List ideas:

  1. Any Vehicle from the Jurassic World Movies (rehash of the JP one)
  2. Tesla vehicle with working stock-location charge port
  3. StarWars - Book of Boba Fett - Mod Speeders (the ones with all the crazy lights)
  4. Mach 5 from speed racer (any incarnation)
  5. Any Hero Car from any of the Fast and the Furious movies. Bonus points for references to family.

MOST DEFINTLY BRING BACK THE INSTAGRAM CHALLANGE!!! For real that was a blast lots of people did it and liked it alot. Do all of the ones that no one did, Please!?! Im sure you folks can come up with 100 more silly ass things for us to do with our karts! I also think there should be more points involved for Team swag, like shirts, banners in your pit, buttons for the fans, Foam fingers whatever! Most Swagged out team weekend award?? could be 3 places for it like everything else race weekend? More costuming to match the karts? like most cohesively dressed kart and driver? This is a big pipe dream one of mine but maybe everyone make a music video for your kart? I know I want to badly.

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OOOOH I like the music video idea a lot. 0____0. That un feels like a keeper!
We are definitely keeping the Insta challenges, and are keeping some of the challenges from last year, but will be swapping some out. One of my favorite things about last year was watching everyone’s wonderful, silly posts.

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I like #2: Tesla with working charge port. Really has to be mostly to scale.

I’d like to add:

  1. Anything with tank tracks. Half track truck, tank, half track motorcycle, ripsaw, snowmobile, whatever. Tracks don’t have to be the ACTUAL rubber-hits-pavement motive power for the vehicle but you need track analogs that actually move and match the speed of the vehicle. Basically has to LOOK to a casual observer like tank tracks are making it go.
  2. SR-71 blackbird. Don’t care how.
  3. Curiosity/Perseverance mars rover. Actually has to have 6 drive wheels touching the ground
  4. Any fully 3DPrinted body. The whole outside surface has to be printed, though, no cheating. Can use brackets, rods, and glue on the inside however you need to.
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Love @techguyking #5

“Bonus points for references to family” hahahah.

Now to see if I can go find a mkiv Supra power wheels body somewhere that I can work with…

Mini Tesla with actual charging port was done. One of the guys from RIT did it a few years ago. He retired( graduation/ moved back home) but sold his kart to another RIT fella. Not sure if it still has the charging port.

Could always do it again, I’ve never seen it, and if there’s not one in the current field…

So it kind of depends on if you just want to see it, or really feels its worth moxie.

You can literally purchase this off-the-shelf. A Tesla Model S with a working charge port. So we are basically saying we think that’s cool so if you buy it you get the moxie:

IMO the artistry to do this is basically nil compared to the poor person who has to design, 3D print, and assemble and entire custom body.

Just wanted to jump on this thread and let y’all know that the instagram moxie challenges are up and expanded to include TikTok! There’s a separate post by @Aerishay that contains the official list, plus it’s on