Sheboygan Mini Maker Faire - June 18

June 18 Single day event @ Mead Library and City Green
Register your team here: Call for Makers - Maker Faire Sheboygan
Points will be prorated for a single day of racing
Schedule will be 3 Sprints, times TBA

Just to be clear this is Sheboygan WI???

Yup, Sheboygan WI!
TBD whether it is a full race, an exhibition, or a field day, however, since it’s our first time doing a Sheboygan event and we are still in discussions about it.

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Ohh, as a Milwaukee local that is great to hear!

If you need some basic help with it let me know I may be able to spare a few hours once or twice to help with something semi-local.

After 6 years living in Sheboygan and not being able to get anything together, I am going to have to come to this one.

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Do we have an idea on events for Sheboygan yet?

we dont even have rules yet

Track Layout for Maker Faire Sheboygan!

Hey Andy, we will be running 3 sprint races at this event. Excited to see ya!

Wow this is great to hear that there is an event that actually might happen! And pretty close for me, very exicted.

@MoonMadden I think you will want to verify those plans. I took a look at that exact area you have mapped out there and I think think you are off my a factor of almost 2. The yellow box is probably more like 25’ x 50’ or so. And that is before we take off the distance for tire barriers!

The pit lane is more like 10’-12’ wide.

This is a picture I captured from street level, and overlayed your yellow and blue boxes so you can get a better perspective.

I think we need to take that yellow line all the way over to use the narrow 2 lane road and the parking lane so that its actually something we can race on. Then we will have to find a place for pit row… maybe we can get some additional space north or south of that area? Or somehow convince them its okay to commandeer the sidewalk to the east or west?

Thanks for the additional view. We were given those dimensions from the organizer, but the overall layout is the main thing to pay attention to. We’ll squish to size and will be bounded by a people barrier.

Justin will be posting the rest of the events to the upcoming events page this evening.

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I will be there and will inform Milwaukee Makerspace Racing Team of details!

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Should racers/teams be filling out the Sheboygan maker faire call to makers?

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Lmao I finally read moonie’s original post. I will register Louisville to attend.

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It was great to meet and race with you all. I hope to see you all again soon.


Great to meet you too. Hope to see you next year (or sooner)!